Diane Abbott. 

Every day I read why someone is or isn’t voting for X or Y party and despair at the level of political illiteracy. Today’s example:
“I can’t vote for Labour for the sole reason that I don’t think Diane Abbott is competent”.
Firstly what exactly other than bumbling over some figures during interviews has she done?
Secondly it doesn’t matter a toss if she’s bad with figures under pressure because that’s not how Cabinet Ministries work.

You have a whole bunch of Junior Ministers at various levels in each post headed up by, in this case the Home Secretary. It’s their job, with the help of Civil Servants, to think up policies.

It the Civil Servants (exactly the same individuals regardless of who is in charge of the Government) who do all the practical bit of working out the maths and making the policies happen.

So as long as Diane Abbott’s policies are sound you have nothing to worry about.

It’s not her alone in a room with a calculator trying to do math.

On the other hand you have Boris Johnson who, although backed up by similarly large team of Junior Ministers and civil servants, has the role of Foreign Secretary.

A role that hinges on his ability to speak, in the moment, without advisors to heads of foreign states.

Seriously. Get your priorities right.

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