A Message For Those Who Say They Hate Muslims

I get it, I really do.

I expect we have much more in common than you realise.

You want to stop ISIS – So do I.

You are sick of British Youths that commit terrorist attacks – So am I.

You want to DO something about these things – So do I.

But where we differ is on how we plan to prevent these things. Because I’ll tell you one thing – Sixteen years of incessant hatred towards Muslims since the suicide mission on the Twin Towers hasn’t made it better – It’s made it much, much worse.

Look outside your window. Look in the newspapers. Look on social media. All of your hate, your abuse, your EDL marches, your Britain First Mosque invasions – What has it achieved? Has the amount of Islamic Extremism gone up or down?

Your way isn’t working. It’s clearly not working. You’ve been calling them “Muzrats” for over a decade and a half and all that’s happened is that Islamic Extremism has risen.

And here’s the bit you won’t like but you need to think really, really hard about if you want it to stop: Hate speech, EDL marches, invading mosques – That’s exactly what ISIS want you to do.

Every single time you shout “Send ’em all back home” you are actively recruiting for ISIS.

Because the scumbag who murdered innocent children in Birmingham and the three arseholes who mowed down and stabbed innocent people on London Bridge were all ordinary British men until Islamic Extremists starting dripping poison into their ears.

And what they told them was this: “The West hate you. They bomb innocent children in Syria. They want to wipe Muslims from the face of the earth. They want to deport you from Britain just because you worship in a Mosque instead of a church. Don’t believe me? Look around – They are invading mosques, they are nailing bacon to our mosque doors. Look at social media. Can you see the posts calling us ‘Musrats”? The posts saying ‘Enough is enough – Hang ’em or send ’em back’? Are you just going to let them threaten your family like that?”.

And they look.

And they see what YOU are saying. And the things you are saying are ‘proof’ that the Extremists are right. So an ordinary British lad straps a bomb to himself and destroys the lives of children because YOU gave him the evidence that convinced him the vile Extremist Recruiter was whispering in his ear was true.

ISIS can’t make terrorist attacks without a plentiful supply of people who are willing to die for them. They don’t care about these lads, they are just disposable weapons to them.

You want to stop ISIS? Then you have to cut off their supply of young men willing to kill and die.

How do you do that? Two ways.

One is to encourage your Government to stop selling arms to the Saudi’s who are funding them but the other, more effective and easier way is to make it impossible for them to convince OUR Young British Muslims that we hate them and they need to hurt us before we hurt them.

How do we do that? Well ask yourself this: Is it easier to believe that the British public hate you if they nail bacon to your mosque door or……. If they politely ask to come to the mosque and find out how we can work together to stop radicalisation?

It’s bloody hard to believe someone hates you if he’s offering you a cup of tea and asking to listen to you.

Create a world in which the words of ISIS’ recruiters look like lies.

Don’t hate all Muslims – Befriend them. Have a barbecue and invite them over (beef and lamb only). Organise events bringing your community and theirs together.

If there’s nothing but friendship between our communities and theirs how will ISIS recruit the next suicide bomber?

Who is going to want to bomb their friends?

You can end this. The power is in your and my hands.

And I know – You have other issues with Islam. So do I.

For example we can probably both agree that Islam can be very misogynistic (so can Christianity and Buddhism for that matter. I despise pretty much all religions equally) but helping Muslims integrate with our society, instead of pushing them away with hate, gives you a much better chance of changing those ideas.

So please. Just stop helping ISIS yeah?

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